I Want My Kid to Be a Hacker

Ever heard of “Hackschooling?”
I just did. And it sounds amazing.
I learned about Hackschooling through a TEDx video, Hackschooling Makes Me Happy, and instantly felt some extra excitement for our generations to come.

Hackschooling is a new-agey way of educating our children.

LoganLaPlante (Tedx - Hackschooling) in 22YD

LoganLaPlante (Tedx – Hackschooling)

Logan LaPlante, the teenager presenting his perspective of Hackschooling in this video, explains that he still learns the typical math, science, literature, etc. – but with a new approach.

He says Hackschooling “sparks a his love for writing by letting [him] write through [his] own experiences and interests.”

Another example of Hackschooling is taking kids on obstacle courses. This can teach children to “handle their fears, communicate, and trust one another.”

Logan spends one day a week, outside.. all day….
I’m jealous.
Want your kid to learn how to survive in the wilderness with only a knife?
Maybe Hackschooling is where your child belongs.
Would you teach your children to be “hackers?”



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