Necessary Vaccines

My son – just turning 4 – will be needing vaccinations soon.

He’s not very excited to be pricked with needles but receiving vaccines are a necessary pain each child and parent must go through.
Unfortunately, parents must endure witnessing their children go through pain to provide better health for their little ones.

Here is an article on the necessary vaccines for your children:

It’s not an easy event to go through as a parent (or child), so check out some tips on preparing your children for shots.

To help ease the preemptive struggle of young ones dealing with the fear of getting a shot, I wrote an article on what I’ve done to ease some fear in my little guy. I, obviously, can’t guarantee any of it will work for you (or that it will even change anything for my son) but, if you have no clue how to begin calming your child, check this post out:
Getting Over the Fear of Shots

Click here for a great external link to a website that offers advice pertaining to going through all of this.

Also, please add any comments of what you know that will reduce some of the struggle with young children getting their shots.


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