I’m a prevalent visitor of the entrepreneur site, Mixergy.com.
The first fifteen minutes of a recent interview really resonated with me, and my current “parenting beliefs.”

Before my son blessed my life, I knew I wanted to be a parent dedicated to truth and accountability – setting an example for my children.
The interviewee, Ido Leffler, talked about his family sharing this belief and how this belief, combined with losing everything, shaped his life.

“I did, and continued to, hold my father in very high esteem. [As kids], we were kind of lucky – and this is something I hope to give this to my children.
My parents never sugar-coated anything with us; they always kept us very much in the loop about everything. My dad made it a point to include my brother and I in the decisions and the business that he was making. And, he was always forthright that he had made a mistake and that this was a learning thing… The great thing is we bonded as a unit…”

Which, led me to think of this quote:

“The abundant life does not come to those who have had a lot of obstacles removed from their path by others. It develops from within and is rooted in strong mental and moral fiber.”

~ William Mather Lewis

Think about how your children will develop by the things, and the amount of which, you give them.


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