Finding your passion

So, my parents were amazing. They never truly stifled any ambition of mine.
They also didn’t exactly encourage through facilitating experiences.

I want to provide for my little man, what I didn’t get.
This is a huge reason why I’m getting an engineering degree. For the record, one of the hardest (if not hardest) things that I’ve ever had to do. But I know the payout is great. Not just the money, but I’m growing as a person.
From this growth, I’ll be able to help my children grow.

I do hope to make some darn good money though, because I want to let Benn have as many things as he wants. No, I don’t want to spoil him. I’m no fan of that. But I do want to provide him the opportunities to experience a lot of things that will help him learn what he wants in life.
I feel like the more we experience new things, the more (i.e. quicker) we grow.

So, I was thinking, what If I ask Bennett, tonight, what he thinks would make him the happiest to do the rest of his life.
And maybe I ask him again next year. And the next. And maybe I try to keep him on track with what he truly wants. Now, I’m not saying to stifle other ambitions that are created as he grows up… but to maybe facilitate the things he truly seems interested in. And if he ends up trying something he feels he wants to do, then doesn’t enjoy it, well, that’s one step closer to finding his passion.

I wonder what my passion is. (When I was younger, it was to be a professional sports all-star & to love everyone and help everybody love each other).
Maybe it still is… 😉



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