A new path


Bennett, this is for you. I’m not sure if this is public or not, and honestly I don’t care.
Actually, I hope it’s public. So that you can see this when you’re old enough to navigate through the digital muck of whatever you’ll be dealing with, and find this and feel that I’m talking to you.

And maybe you’re not Bennett. Maybe you’re another child of mine… or maybe you’re just a passerby. Either way, I’ve decided I want to use you as my inspiration to keep journaling.
I want to grow. And to do so, I need to form good habits. I need to clear my mind from the conscious muck that’s in my brain and be able to use my energy to grow. Grow my thoughts, grow my spirit.

From now on, hopefully I simply babble about what I’m thinking and feeling; rather than cater to an online presence that I’m not even sure I care about. I created this blog with good intent. Well, decent intent. But it was more about leaving a legacy. It was also about gaining experience. And that I have, now. So, it’s still slightly about leaving a legacy.

But it’s not about leaving a legacy that matters to anyone. I’m not immortal. Nobody is. Not in the sense of fame or respect. Because history is a long long story. Words, therefore history, gets changed. And eventually civilizations die out, leaving nothing but ash and another civilization to take over and create a new history.

But this legacy I leave, is for the future. As I shape myself, I affect all things around me. I’m not sure in what way, exactly, but I do. This is why I cherish being a father. My children get to learn from me, whatever I wish to teach them.
And I hope I teach you acceptance, appreciation, respect, wisdom, whimsy, and many many more traits which I think make a great person. I want you to overall be happy and to make others happy. And this goes for those whom I affect.
Child or no.
We are all each other’s children in this regard; as we are all students and teachers. We are part of a universe. (Perhaps part of multiple universes…) And the universe is part of us. So how we affect the universe external to us isn’t up to us in particular. But how we change our internal universe is basically up to us. It’s the only thing we can control. And we can be alchemists.

So, I’m growing. I don’t know which way I’m growing, or where my seeds will drop, but I want to embrace change and let my instinct and knowledge guide me.
Guide you. And guide the future.


Do You Agree?

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