Be Motivated by Being a Motivator

One of my most visited sites is
It’s a great place to find information about entrepreneurship and business.
The reason I mention Mixergy, is because Andrew Warner recently interviewed Zach Mangum.
Zach is a father of two kids, and expresses some great points on being a father who’s trying to start a business. He discusses everything from financial issues, to mental obstacles, to business development.
Check it out at

Here are a few of his quotes from the interview:
“I look at it though, as a family man having a couple of kids. It’s incredibly motivating.”

“Dad is not going to fail. [My kids] need to look at Dad and say, ‘I’m gonna be like Dad and Dad’s not a loser.'”

“At the end of the day, failure wasn’t an option. There was no other choice but to succeed with this.”

“It’s insane… how motivating it was having two little boys, who I knew were going to have careers someday. Who needed somebody to look up to. And I wanted to be that guy that they could look up to.”

The biggest message I received from watching this Mixergy interview, is to use your kids to motivate you. This is what I try to do every day. I know it has made me an all-around healthier person.



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