A Woe.

Yesterday, I drive 25 minutes to go pick up my son from his mother’s house.
He had said he wanted to spend the night with me.
“Is it just because he doesn’t want to go to school?” I asked.
His mom said she asked him and he told her he would spend the night even if I took him to school in the morn.
“Ok, Sure I’ll pick him up.”
After making the trip, and spending a good 15-20 minutes hanging out with my son and his mom, I tell him it’s about time we leave.
He hugs his mom good-bye and we head outside.

My son decides he doesn’t want to spend the night.
I ask if he’s sure, check with his mom, and I end up leaving without him.

It hurts a little. I wonder if this is a healthy enough relationship.
Can I do more?
Should I let this bother me? Am I concerned enough about this situation?
Does he love me? Yes.
Am I a good father? Yes. I’m pretty sure…


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