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The Entrepreneurial Parent

So, my career path right now is looking to fork between working at a corporation, or being an entrepreneur. Luckily, I have some time to decide, so I currently prepare for both. As an entrepreneur, one of my most used assetts is If you’re considering entrepreneurialism or are already taking the path, check out…

Parent financials 22YD


I’m a prevalent visitor of the entrepreneur site, The first fifteen minutes of a recent interview really resonated with me, and my current “parenting beliefs.” Before my son blessed my life, I knew I wanted to be a parent dedicated to truth and accountability – setting an example for my children. The interviewee, Ido…

Quinten 22YD

Justice for Quinten

I read this article about a week ago. It’s very emotional and can be hard to read. There’s not much to say about this… It speaks for itself. Very sobering. Makes you wonder, What can I do to help keep this from every happening again? 22YD

bananaPhone 22YD

Long Distance Relationship

I’m not talking about a spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend. I’m talking about being away from your child. It’s not easy. But my #1 rule of thumb is, call them every day. And even that’s not easy. Firstly, it takes the will to dedicate to making it a habit to call your child. Whether it’s…

girlNails 22YD

Break Them.

Break your bad habits, else your children will suffer. When I learned I was going to be a father, at age 17, I decided I should break some bad habits: Eating nothing but junk, sleeping the entire day away, some very typical teenage habits. Over the next couple of years, I’ve learned how to motivate…