Quite a Conundrum

So, I recall being told: “Remember what you were passionate about when you were a child and try to do that.”
I wanted to be a “professional sports star,” and I don’t think that ever changed.
I’ve played soccer nearly my whole life. I was pretty darn good too. I spent most of my teenage years playing.
I lost a sense of that passion along the way, began partying, and had a son before I was out of high school.
I’m a 22 year old dad.
And I feel like that dream that I had when I was 5 years old, is still there, just a lot less feasible.
There’s another concept I’ve heard, “Don’t follow your dreams, follow your effort.”
Most of the time, I feel like chasing that kind dream of being a soccer player is ridiculous. At least when I have responsibilities, like raising a son and finishing my college degree..
I spend all my time and effort off of the soccer pitch. So do I even have a chance?

Along with thinking about my passions, I consider keeping my son from ever feeling regret.
So, how do I help my son find his passion, help him retain that passion, and use it to help drive him to a happy lifestyle?
I feel I should do my best to introduce him to as many different experiences as possible.
To do that, I need to be monetarily successful, right?
So, maybe I need to spend my time working (doing a job that I’m not passionate about) to allow my son to find and hone his future passions.

Quite a conundrum.


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