” Uno, dos, tres…”

I just want to share a proud moment:

I was talking with my son over the phone last night, after soccer, and I asked what he learned at school that day.
He said he didn’t remember, and his mom whispered a reminder.
He started, “Uno… Dos …. Tres….”
He was getting shy, so I helped, “Cuatro!… Umm….what next?”
“Cinco…. Seis….”
He didn’t continue, so I went through “Ocho, Nueve, and Diez” with him.
I told him about earlier that day, a few Mexican guys who I play soccer with, asked for my number and they wanted me to give it in Spanish. I gave the example to particularly show how knowing another language helps with communicating.
I told him I was proud of him for what he’s learned, and we said good-night.
I smiled all the way home.

If you’re proud of your child, let them know it.


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