“Everything was Perfect.”

Recently, I posted an entry on Getting Over the Fear of Shots.
Well, the other day, my son took his trip to the doctor to receive his physical and vaccinations. I received this message, from his mother:
“He had his finger pricked for his physical and he got 3 shots. He hardly cried at all. They tested his hearing and vision and urine and blood and all that and everything was perfect.”

My ego likes to think I instilled, in my son, the courage to not freak out before visiting the doctor for his physical.
Truth-be-told, I have no clue why he didn’t become the slightest bit hysterical.

I’m writing this because I simply want to take this time to show my thankfulness for my son being in ideal physical condition. (Besides having some cavities at age 4)
My mother likes to say “Kyle, you got so lucky.”
And she’s right.
Not only is my son pretty well-behaved, he also has no serious ailments – which could otherwise put stress on a family’s typical lifestyle.

I also want to send a message to any parents who have children with disabilities, or any ailment (minor or serious):
You may make specific plans and expect certain things but you can never be certain about the future. Enjoy today, keep your ever-turning, parental head up and stay strong.
You’re lucky; You have the gift of a child.


Image brought to us by: latinopm.com


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