Making it Home

A Master Sergeant, and Highway Patrolman came to speak at my office, promoting driver safety by making the right choices on the road. He had an inspiring presentation set up and it made me realize the importance of the decisions we make each day.
The patrolman mentioned how thankful us parents are when our teenagers make it home late at night. Luckily, my child isn’t old enough for this scenario but I can definitely imagine the anticipation before seeing your child safely walk through that front door.
But, parents, don’t forget that you aren’t the only person looking forward to that front door swinging open. Your children and family are waiting for you to make it home every day, as well. The Highway Patrolman stressed us to realize that no matter how important and stressful something is to you, if you don’t make it from point A to point B, the issue isn’t even important anymore!

One of the patrolman’s most emotional stories is a rough pill to swallow. Even so, I have to share this…

When he pulled up to an accident, and saw a woman being tended to by an EMT. The EMT was a lady and she was crying while strapping the drivers’ legs to a gurney. 
He said, he though that was odd. “Must be a new girl.”
When he got to the wreckage, he realized why the EMT had been so emotional.
There was a blanket that had draped over the car-seat inside the car.

I’m sharing this information to explain why the child was killed.
The mother, after strapping her child in her car-seat, started the car to head to her desired destination and the mother and daughter drove off.
She never put on her seat belt.
Why does this matter?
When the car lost control and rolled over, multiple times in the median of the street, the mother’s body slammed against her child’s body until finally coming to rest.
The baby had no chance of surviving through this devastating accident.

This information is hard to think about, but it’s not just a story: it’s real life.
Make sure you always buckle up, teach your kids to be safe and smart, and always be thankful for the time we have.



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