Black Holes > Football

Saturday was game-day.

It was also homecoming for the school I attend.
As per my average weekend activity,
I was at my mother’s house, 2 hours away from school – 20 minutes from where my son permanently lives (with his mom).
It was just him and me, hanging out, on this glorious game-day.

“Hey, it’s game time buddy! Can I get you anything?”
He decides, “Can you turn on the, um, the show that’s in outer space?”
“The show in space? Which one?”
“The one wifth the black holes.”

Oh! I realize he’s talking about the National Geo program on Monster Black Holes that came on a few weeks back…

“You want to watch the documentary on black holes that you saw the other day??”

Ok, so my son loves watching documentaries on black holes. More than watching a game of football…

That’s pretty awesome!



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