Tasty Cough Medicine?

My son has had a rough cough for 4 days now and his mom is at the store right now looking for some cough medicine.

We’ve been battling to get him to take his regular “Cherry Flavor,” syrup; to no avail, of course.
I KNOW I’m not the only parent who has this problem. I’ve tried putting it in juices, bribing him with snacks, pumping up his ego, putting it in a little glass and telling him to throw it back like a champion… nothin’.
The only thing I’ve gotten out of these trials is the notion that he may hate spending time with me because he’s been crying every time I try to get him to take the medicine.

Because he’s sick, his emotions are a bit fragile, and I’ve been trying hard to convince him to drink the nasty stuff so that his cough goes away. So far, I’ve just been kinda raising a white flag once he starts blubbering, turning red in the face, falling on the ground and drooling. (It’s difficult getting a child to do what he or she doesn’t want. But, it’s almost impossible to force a kid to drink what he or she doesn’t want to drink… especially when you know it tastes like muck.)

‘Cuz we get it.
Just like we all had to pinch our nostrils and down some vile-tasting medicine, he doesn’t want to. But man, my hat goes off to the parents who actually got all of us to gulp down the disgusting healing potion. I’m just not sure how exactly they managed it.

Today, his mom told me to call and convince him to take the medicine. Ugh…deep breath…

“Hey, man! Hope you’re feeling better. You sound like your cough is worse? Have you been taking your medicine? No?? Well I guess you’re gonna have to go to the doctor. It’s not so bad at the doctor. You just have to wait in a room with a bunch of other sick people and then when you see the doctor he’ll give you even more medicine to drink, and maybe a little shot that won’t hurt too bad. Give me a call when you’ve drunken it all like a CHAMP! Love you man…”

Harsh? Maybe a little. But I’ve run out of options.
So now, his mom is looking for some better-tasting cough medicine.
I wished her luck.

You’d think in this day and age, we’d have the technology to make some syrup that doesn’t taste like it was made from a chemical spill.

Does ANYBODY on this planet know of a secret, non-disgusting cough medicine, or home remedy, us uninformed parents may be uninformed about?!?

I’ll let you know if I learn anything new…



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