TTYK – Talk To Your Kids

The little bugger is still in bed, so I’m taking a minute to write a short post about talking to your children.
This is all obviously my opinion, but I feel it’s important information of which every parent should take notice.

When talking to your child:

  • Talk to them as if they are a young adult

    I really dislike “baby talk” because I feel a child can develop more maturity, more quickly, when you talk to them like a REAL PERSON.

  • Be respectful.

    If you don’t show your child respect while you talk to him or her, he/she simply will not listen to you. It may not start now, but it will begin soon. Everyone deserves respect, and this is something else you can teach a child. The best way to teach a child something? To show them how YOU practice it, and note the benefits.

  • Know that they will talk to others (and eventually you) the same way you do them.

  • This is basically The Golden Rule. If you curse, demean, disrespect, speak harshly, mutter, smile, use your hands, etc., then your child will begin those same habits. Is this a bad thing? No. Because, if a child will mimic what you do, all you must do to take advantage of this is to show off good habits.

More on this sort of stuff later – if anyone’s interested.



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