Stop When You’re Full

Last night, I mentioned to my little man that we shouldn’t continue to eat when we’re full. My sister corrected me by mentioning we should actually stop before we’re full.

This morning, it’s just me and my guy and I got him cereal while we were watching cartoons. After he ate all of his cereal, he asked me,

“Will you put my bowl in the sink with water please?”
“You don’t want to drink your milk?”
“I do want to drink it, but I’m not gonna since I’m full. It’s good to stop eating when you’re full.”

So, not only was he listening, but he also remembered what my sister said AND he practiced it.
I love it when I’m surprised by how smart these kids can be.
(Also, it makes me proud that he was aware enough to want his bowl put in the sink to be cleaned.)

I write to you about this because I feel sometimes we don’t pass on health tips to our little ones. I get it: We give them the food to eat, so why tell them about the effects of eating healthy when they’re 3 years old?
Well, if they’re listening now, tell them. Teach them good habits.
Teach them to be healthier than you. You never know, maybe they’ll get you to be healthier too.



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