Stay in School

I went to pick up the little guy from daycare this evening.
When I arrived, I stood outside of my son’s room for a few minutes, spectating him playing and interacting with the other kids.
I don’t get to do this often at all and I like to make sure he’s being mindful of the manners I try to teach him.
Plus, kids are just awesome to watch. The way they see things, that us parents take for granted, with open eyes is simply refreshing.

I snuck inside, sat in one of the miniature chairs, and began playing with some toy frogs.
My 4-year old saw me and came over to give me a hug. (Gosh I love that part of the day.)

Since I wasn’t in a rush, I stayed in the room and played toys with the 3-4 year olds. I write this to say that I had a really fun time being one of the kids.
I’m pretty sure they enjoyed having an adult to participate with, as well.
I love the look on kids’ faces, when you do something that adults aren’t “supposed” to do.
When really, you’re just letting your inhibitions drift in the wind and you’re taking life by your tiny kid fingers and saying, “Hey world, I haven’t forgotten how to have fun.”
They look at you with a surprised, yet impressed, expression that is just priceless to me.

The importance to me in this is: Be a kid sometimes!!
Yeah, kids can be obnoxious and whiny and exhausting and difficult but children are typically pretty cute and funny when you’re playing toys with them.
And, we don’t have to have kids around to be a kid.

Take your shoes off and run in the grass.
When you go to throw something away, literally throw it in the trashcan. Do you remember being Michael Jordan when you were 8?
Play some finger football with a coworker.

I believe, no matter how old, we should all at least let go every once in a while and be a kid. Let’s have some fun, why don’t we?
Act like a kid, think like a kid, feel like a kid!
It’s healthy.


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