Try to Wake on the Right Side

My alarm goes off this morning at 7:40am and I want to get out of bed without waking the little guy. I have no problem admitting I love getting an hour or so of time to myself; I feel it’s a healthy (and very valuable) relief to have.
First, I want to mention my son is one of the worst people to sleep with. He needs someone close and knows exactly where to place his little bony limbs to cause unique amounts of pain. Elbows in necks, toes in belly buttons, etc. I really don’t like sleeping with him because of this and I don’t think I’ll be letting my next child sleep with me nearly as much. I’m also curious how hard it will be to ween my man from the habit of sleeping in bed with me. We shall see…
Well, after about 2 minutes of lying in bed, my sleeping son raises his leg and I know he’s about to try to wrap his leg around me like he does. His leg comes down on me and his heel rams into my crotch.
I finally get out of bed and go to the restroom – the place that was so often a 15-minute sanctuary when I had a newborn. I hear the patter of feet and he barges in. I tell him “good morning” and he stays in there with me. Eventually he starts singing the song “Jesus Loves Me.” This kid has a really reeeeaally shrill voice, at 8:30 in the morning.
I’m not in the best mood, but – for him, and for my peace of mind – I’m trying.
Wish me luck.


Edit:: I have “Try to Wake on the Right Side of Life” – to the sound of the Monty Python song – stuck in my head. It’s kind of catchy.


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