4 years later…

My son had his FOURTH birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s this past Sunday (also Father’s Day) and had a great time. Heck, I had a fun time until I ran out of tokens.

Monday, we opened presents with my mom and sister. (My son’s favorite toy was probably the air pump that was used to inflate his Ninja Turtle chair.)

My sister got him an inflatable pool as well.
it’s Tuesday night and the little guy wanted to pump up the pool.
“Daddy, Pleeease. Pretty please.”
“Uhhhh…ok, sure man.”
I ended up doing so by mouth, which lasted until the sun was completely out of sight.
I thought up something fun and decided to clear the screened-in patio to put his pool in the enclosure. The idea would mitigate bug bites, as well as sunburn.
After the pool was filled with water, I told him he could get in since he’d been doing a good job listening to me and hadn’t gotten into trouble at school recently.
His excitement made my heart sing.

The USA Men’s National Soccer Team beating Honduras 1-0 in a World Cup Qualifying match, and the exciting Miami Heat vs. Spurs Game #6 didn’t bring as much fulfillment as watching him splash around
He tuckered out a while ago; I’m tuckering out now.

Celebrate the time we have now. Make the most of it. And keep thinking creatively.


Ninja Turtle, 22YD, son, father, birthday, party, Chuck E. Cheese's

My 4 year-old son’es birthday party


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